The Untold Story

Thousands of people around the round are getting paid between £500 & £25,000 to tell their story. Imagine this, you have an untold story inside you, how would you like to get paid £500 to £25,000 to tell your story? How would that make you feel?

Guess what: You can.

After these 20 sessions you will...

  • How to become a paid speaker.
  • How to get started.
  • What traits and skills you need.
  • How to develop a strategy for success.
  • Organisations to help you begin.
  • Recommended reading as you get started.
  • How to improve your speaking skills.
  • Should you join a speaking organisation.
  • How to become the expert.
  • What marketing skills you need.
  • Should you get an agent or use a Bureaus.
  • How to write great speeches.
  • How to tailor your presentation.
  • How to control your nerves.
  • What are back of the room sales.
  • How to create back of the room material.
  • A personal success story.
  • Are you called to make a difference.
  • Expect to succeed.

You too can get paid to share your untold story which I know can have an impact on others. Want to make a difference in the world? Get in touch and book your session with Paul now.

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