An Introduction To Joint Ventures

Welcome – An Introduction To Joint Ventures.

Hello, and welcome to our website. Throughout our time together, I’m going to be taking you through the nuances of JV’s from how to score them, how to pave the way for future relationships and how to change the outlook of your business overnight. I’m going to take you through the crafting of your first contact through to last contact and at the same time solve some of the biggest problems that face new and experienced marketers alike when stepping into the JV territory, including how to find prospects and create personalized and specific deals to suit practically any situation.

There’s plenty of time for that though, in this introduction section I want to give you some idea of why I decided to write this document. I could have chosen any topic, from copywriting, search engines promotions, customer management, list building so on. All main elements of a successful business, but none of them comes even close to sheer speed and power of joint ventures. This is why I’ve chosen this topic.

What JV’s Can Do To Your Business Overnight

An overview

I wasn’t joking when I said sheer speed and power. Get it right and it’ll hit you with such a force you won’t know what happened until weeks later. So what’s the difference between paying for ads to be sent to lists and JV’s? Well to begin with, the main difference is the effectiveness of personal lists. The response rate, targeting and conversion rates are unmatched. I’ll give you some idea of the scope of this with some statistics in a second. For now though, all you need to know is that there are many marketers out there with huge lists, (I’m talking up to half a million subscribers, sometimes more). Very few of them ever sell any ads to their lists because eventually this dilutes the response. It takes a lot of work and dedication to run a successful list that does sell ads and is open to the public. You’d see the difference immediately if you subscribed to a private marketers list. You wouldn’t get a bunch of random ads, and in most cases you actually get far less content than a standard ezine, but the response rates they see are immense for several reasons.

Number one, the subscribers full trust the editor and are familiar with the list owner. Every mailing they get is from one person, even the ads they receive for other products are fully endorsed and the majority of the time, sent directly by the list owner.

Number two, subscribers are not just there for quality content. If I say to you ok, here’s an ezine, it’s packed with useful content, tell me about the writer. I wouldn’t even have to send you the ezine, just say the word. In the majority of cases you would return to me and tell me that they’re a publisher, they run a list, send you mails, send you good content and the odd freebie along with a weekly or monthly publication. You like it, because you get free and useful content.

So what changes with the private list owner? I’ll show you. Think of the biggest name marketer that you can. Someone that you really look up to, someone that you admire, someone that’s reached their goals and is somewhere that you want to be with their business. Now imagine you’re subscribed to their list and again I ask you to tell me about the writer of those regular mailings. You see what changes? They’re not just a publisher anymore. They’re a trustworthy authority who’s already proven themselves to their subscribers. No longer are you receiving random ads from unfamiliar people anymore.

This person is very highly qualified, they’re an authority and they’re where you want to be. Because of this familiarity and trust, you are far more likely to listen to them as one of the most successful online business owners on the face of the planet instead of someone who just publishes a mix or third party ads and articles every week or so. This is why the response rates are so high on marketers lists that provide next to no content compared to a regularly published ezine in the majority of cases.

But hold on a second, don’t be fooled into thinking that I’m going to teach you how to e-mail your favorite and highest earning marketer and suddenly become their best friend and have free reign on their list. That may come with time, but if there is one thing that I have to tell you right now it’s that rarely is anyone ever trusted from ‘outside’ of these circles. Why? Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with you personally, but ask any big name high earning marketer and they’ll be able to tell you stories about how they’ve been approached by those who just see dollar signs in their eyes and expect to be made rich overnight.

Don’t fret though, because I bring you good news. The majority of those new to the marketing scene only see the biggest names as potential prospects. This is not the case at all. I talk to new marketers every day, and they tell me they can’t JV because they feel out of the loop. They’re trapped they tell me. The biggest marketers are all in contact with each other, promoting all their products between them ensuring their success long term. “What chance do I have?”

Let me reassure you right away. Yes all the big names generally keep to themselves and their circle of reliable contacts and because of the trust factor we talked about earlier, rarely letting anyone in until they prove themselves or they have. Famous name or not, the majority of us marketers get into that frame of mind when we’re established and profitable.

We have to protect our own interests and our reputations, not to mention there’s only so many hours in one day, but you know what? There’s nothing stopping you doing the same.



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