Welcome to the TWG Resource Centre!

We are a UK based agency who specialises in strategic advising, consulting, business coaching and training.

Our strategy is simple, we will create huge amounts of BRAND AWARENESS for your business, we will get you more TARGETED LEADS (we aim to get our clients at least 30 new leads per month) and we will make you MORE MONEY. Over the years we have designed several marketing strategies that are suitable for all businesses. As strategic advisors & marketing consultants we help you get more exposure, get more targeted leads and use our proven automated systems to convert those leads into sales. We do this by using what we call controlled direct response marketing & uncontrolled marketing methods.

Here's a list of our automated systems: The Break Even Funnel, The Single Video Sales Funnel, The Quick Sales Funnel, High-Ticket Funnel, The Trust Funnel, The Results Funnel and The Showcase Funnel. These are all proven to work and we would love to build them into your business so you too can get more exposure, more targeted leads which we know will generate you more sales and bigger profits.

TWG has helped thousands of business owners succeed. Regardless of the type or size of business, your skills and experience... whether you want to make more money with less strain, in every way you can, or are looking for help with a very specific task... there's a tool here in the Resource Centre that's perfect for you. 

We've compiled the most complete "library" of Paul Wakefield's and TWG profit-producing resources ever offered. "Freedom Lifestyle" creator Paul Wakefield is the author and publisher of over 30 business products and you'll find a wealth of strategies, and tools here to grow your business and make your money. In addition, our team of 93 employees who make up the "Savvy Marketer's Secret Weapon" represent the most successful entrepreneurs in business today. 

And in case you're wondering, we GUARANTEE any resource you choose will prove to be a wise, profitable one. Everything comes to you with no-strings, simple, straightforward ONE FULL YEAR SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. So there's ZERO risk to you.

Finally, if you are one of our ELITE TWG members, you'll benefit even more. Every month we'll send you money-making and marketing ideas proven to increase your profits, business and marketing advice from Paul and other experts, and you'll benefit from great member discounts four our events and products. (You'll even receive FREE gifts like training webinars, calls and much more!)