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What if you could get more exposure, an extra 30+ targeted leads a month and have a proven automated system that turns those leads into sales for you. Would that help your business?

Well now you can.

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Lets Start With Your Website. We Will Show You Why Your Website and Internet Marketing Isn't Getting You The Results You Deserve and What You Can Do About It - FREE.

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The most powerful thing about being a consultant is having the opportunity to be the outsider looking in. This normally means that within a very short period of time we can quickly identify a problem, agree and help implement the solution. An added bonus to the service is that while the consultancy takes place, we coach and train the people within the business to ensure the long term success of the solution.

A good consultant will do themselves out of a job and that is exactly what we aim to do! We pride ourselves on never staying in a business longer than we need to, which is how all of our projects have a massive return on any investment made.

We are very commercial which means you only ever pay for what you need. If you need a day, you only pay for a day and if you need more we agree a bespoke budget that works for you.

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Life changing ideas come from all walks of life. Within the Wakefield Group, you'll find everything from engineers, to fashion designers, to finance executives and classical marketing consultants; all bound by the same passion to kick ass at their jobs and get our clients results.

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It all starts with listening. We listen to our clients, and we listen to what our communities are saying to produce compelling, insight-driven creative that generates real-word results.

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